Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR. is coming in November!

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Chitty Bang Bang, set in the very early 20th century, is a fanciful tale of a clever but unsuccessful  British inventor named Caractacus Potts who is raising two sweet kids, Jeremy and Jemima, with their aging grandfather.

Because his kids love an old racecar, "Chitty," Dad goes to fantastic lengths to buy it and fix it up.

Along the way, a strong-willed woman comes into their lives and helps promote a musical candy Caractacus invented by mistake.

Meanwhile, the Baron of Vulgaria wants the car, so his Baroness sends spies to steal it. The bumbling spies end up stealing Grampa instead, so the Potts family and their new friend are off to the rescue.

Chitty turns out to have magic abilities that save the day more than once.

In the end, the family saves Grampa as well as all the children of Vulgaria, who have been .... well, you'll find out.

This show includes a carnival, a candy factory, and a cannon, and that's just in Act 1!

Featuring unforgettable songs such as "Truly Scrumptious," the show is a fun-filled adventure that audiences will love.

Shows will be Friday through Sunday, Nov. 17-19, at Mathews High School.

Rehearsals for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.

Our rehearsals are underway, and we're thrilled with both the incredibly talented cast and the very supportive parents.