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If you are a member or long-time fan of The Court House Players, you no doubt have heard of Dick Lusher. For those who knew him no words are necessary. For those who didn't words are not enough.

In 1978 Dick and his wife Meryl saw the need and the potential for live theatre on the Middle Peninsula. They and a handful of friends decided to organize a community theatre group and staged their first production. The rest is history. For the next 25 years, with Meryl as his producer, Dick directed 35 shows.

The quality of these productions surprised everyone. Few thought that there was enough talent or skill in the local area to make a go of it. But, under Dick's leadership The Court House Players thrived. Dick was a true Renaissance man and he brought his vast knowledge of theatre, art and music to every production. With meticulous attention to detail, Dick called on his experience as a professional set designer to create realistic and spectacular sets and backdrops.

His relentless pursuit of perfection in all aspects of his productions earned Dick a reputation as being inpatient and demanding, and he was. He demanded the very best from his actors, backstage crew and set construction crew. Rehearsal schedules were tight leaving little time for indecisiveness or goofing off. If you were lucky enough to be in one of Dick's shows you were expected to come to rehearsals prepared and on time. And if you paid close attention, you left having learned more than any drama class could teach you. When the show ended you left with a profound love and respect for Dick.

Dick Lusher was an excellent teacher. He eagerly shared his knowledge and gave his advice to performers and aspiring directors. He passed on his knowledge of set design and construction, backdrop design, and painting and his love for All things theatrical.

When Dick passed away in 2005 there were those who that that The Court House Players would die with him. How wrong they were! Tenacious Dick stayed around until he was sure he'd left his baby in good hands. One measure of a good teacher is the ability to produce good teachers. The Court House Players is Dick Lusher's legacy. He set the bar high with the sure knowledge that those he taught would continue his legacy of quality live theatre and would pass on his knowledge to a new generation of Court House Players.

Dick will long be missed and not soon forgotten. As long as The Court House Players exists Dick Lusher will live on.

Written by Kitty Witty

Tribute to Dick Lusher
Founder of CHP
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